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Around 5,000 stray dogs in 25 wards of Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) will be targeted. Mission Rabies has also had a successful pilot vaccination programme in Ranchi, Jharkhand, where they treated over 23,700 dogs in a span of 10 months. surat. Mission Rabies is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (1162293), Mission Rabies USA, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization – EIN 81-5065473. So far, within Ranchi since September 2013, our teams have vaccinated over 36.554 dogs in the city, with surveys taking place to ensure we’ve hit the critical 70% required to prevent the disease spreading. September 26th 2017 Optimism takes centre stage in Ranchi for World Rabies Day; September 22nd 2017 On a Mission: Rick's Story; September 8th 2017 Mission Rabies in Hong Kong for One Health Conference; September 6th 2017 Meet our dog catching team: Naresh's Story; September 5th 2017 Mission Rabies Present at the Scottish BSAVA Conference Firstly, they have a beach monitoring and feeding programme, to help beach cats and dogs that are isolated by the monsoon and suffering food shortages when tourism is out of season from May until October. The land will be utilised for disposal of dead dogs which are tested negative for the rabies virus. Blue Cross has also successfully re-homed animals rescued from laboratories performing animal testing. All Mission Rabies team members are continously working on spreading our efforts and programmes. This awesome piece of machinery is the world’s only all-terrain, entirely self-sufficient, mobile veterinary hospital capable of running outreach programmes, training courses and mobile clinics. India Project for Animals and Nature (IPAN) is an animal welfare organisation dedicated to preventing cruelty towards animals, improving the health and welfare of domestic and wild animals, protecting the environment and by doing so, improving the livelihoods of people who depend on them. If you are interested in learning more about Mission Rabies, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and please don't hesitate to contact us via enquiries@missionrabies.com. Repeat x49,999. Tens of thousands of animals have been rescued from illness or injury and thousands have found adoptive homes subsequently. HOPE Rescue and Rehabilitation Shelter for Animals at Khunti, 35 km from Ranchi has been built and this is run entirely by volunteers. Panaji: In August, the Mission Rabies team in Goa responded to three rabies positive cases in the state, a dog and two bovines - one cow and one … © Mission Rabies 2021 - All rights reserved. You want to get involved as well? “A love for dogs and a hunger to change the world”: Volunteering in Uganda, Mission Rabies Truck Utilised for WVS Surgical Training, Volunteer, vaccinate, educate: Life in Zomba, Mission Rabies and WVS Thailand Team up for Pai Outreach Clinic, Brief Media Join Mission Rabies Zomba City Campaign, Dogstar Foundation: Fighting for animal welfare and rabies elimination, Rabies Elimination Pilot Project Begins In Thailand, Reflecting on a Successful Rabies Campaign in Blantyre, Malawi, From Earthen Bricks to Rabies Education: The Power of Murals, Top Ten Reasons to Join a Mission Rabies Vaccination Drive, Sri Lanka Volunteer Presents at Veterinary Nurse Conference, Education outreach and dog population surveys at Lake Malawi, Vet Nurse Helps to Vaccinate 5,000 dogs in Goa. Developing a strategy to cover all 12 talukas of Goa in a year, we meticulously mapped out every catching area, trained even more dog catching teams, recruited an amazing project coordinator and set to work. We welcome all types of volunteers to join our teams, whether a vet, vet nurse, student or non-vet, you can play a crucial role in making a difference! In Novermber 2014, Ranchi was set up as our very first proof-of-concept city. The vaccination team of catchers, Vickram, Subhash, Amit, Utam, Vijay and another Vickram, are led by vet, Dr Saurav. Living quarters with kitchen area, toilet/shower, sleeps 3. udaipur. Welfare for Animals in Goa (WAG) helps stray animals of Goa in three different ways. Indian Society For Animal-Human Welfare (iSAW) formed with the objective of protecting the welfare of animals and people in Nagpur in 2005. Donate Us We can accept donations in a number of ways. During 2014, 3 people lost their lives to rabies in this city and we are determined that by wiping out rabies in dogs we can prevent these needless deaths. They run a regular animal clinic as well as animal health camps to provide veterinary services and medicines free of charge to sick and injured animals. Our teams on the ground are active going from school to school educating children about rabies and how to prevent getting infected in the first place. According to the study’s abstract: “Over 20,000 people die from rabies each year in India. a day in the life of team moon: vaccinating dogs and enjoying local cuisine under the sri lankan sun, help us to eliminate rabies this World Rabies Day, Optimism takes centre stage in Ranchi for World Rabies Day, Mission Rabies in Hong Kong for One Health Conference, Meet our dog catching team: Naresh's Story, Mission Rabies Present at the Scottish BSAVA Conference, Our Mission to Educate and Vaccinate in Malawi, WHO and prominent rabies researchers visit Goa project, Mission Rabies attend Royal Highland Show, WHO Rabies Expert Consultation Meet – 2017, Mission Rabies invited to World Health Organisation meeting in Geneva. Join us as we return to North-Eastern Tanzania, where we will be continuing our fight to eliminate rabies from Meru District. srinagar. Designed and built in the UK, it spent 33 days travelling over 11,000km to reach Mumbai and begin its epic mission – Eliminate Rabies from India! The state capital is gearing up for a massive rabies vaccination drive with support from foreign organisations. Project Ranchi. At Varanasi we have rescued, treated, rehabilitated and released thousands of animals including cats, dogs, cows, monkeys, pigs and donkeys. shimla. Our first international volunteer project in Ranchi exceeded all expectations with 5 teams smashing their 5,000 dog target by vaccinating 6,241 dogs in the most densely populated wards of Ranchi city in just 2 weeks! salem. 2 Intensification of surveillance efforts in Goa to establish local rabies testing capacity in the Department for Animal Husbandry are enabling the impact of these novel approaches to be measured. Their Mission is to teach kindness and save animals through their Education and Animal Rescue initiatives.. Supporting Mission Rabies from the start: Joy's Story, Oral Vaccines Could Provide the Answer to Rabies Elimination in Stray Dogs, WSAVA Foundation Support Mission to Eliminate Rabies from Ghana. BCI also has the transparency to publish its Audited results on its website. The end of 2016 brought about the start of a Mission Rabies and, Read Farida’s account of her time at the HICKs. Interestingly, their India ambassador is none other than Sakshi Dhoni, Ranchi’s prodigal son and ace cricketer MS Dhoni’s wife. Science shows that the most effective long-term rabies control strategy is through vaccination of dogs in endemic areas, so we head to rabies hotspots and run mass vaccination and education programmes - protecting both the human and canine populations. The centre has two surgeries, an x-ray and ECG machine and equipment for orthopaedic surgery. It is their aim to set up animal welfare centres in each of India's 600 districts. Cycling from Cairo to Cape Town in the name of fighting rabies! We will make the city rabies-free by 2017. Any unsterilized dogs are placed into the vehicle to return to the clinic for surgery to control the dog population and prevent the birth of unwanted puppies, who often die on the streets. GPRS work to encourage people to experience the positive effect that their involvement can have on animals in need. Thank you to Mission Rabies, Ranchi Municipal Corporation, Jharkhand Animal Husbandry Department, Dogs Trust and Mayhew International for their support with this programme. 2018 has started off being very busy for our teams in Goa and will continue like this throughout the next months. For these dogs, Mission Rabies has been deploying vaccination teams using butterfly nets to catch dogs that cannot be held, enabling the vaccination of 70% of the dog population in many areas. Ranchi is also one of the hubs for Mission Rabies in India and together with the intensive vaccination drives which Mayhew International and Dr Mohammadzai DVM has assisted with, there has been a huge reduction in the number of recorded cases of canine-mediated rabies in humans in Ranchi City, with only 4 cases during the last two years. Join us as we vaccinate the dogs and protect the local communities living alonside beautiful Lake Bosomtwe. Researchers are using the app to track free-roaming dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies. Carry out life-saving work, providing free rabies vaccinations to as many dogs as possible- ultimately protecting the dogs and the people who live alongside them! Street Animal Sterilisation – Conduct sterilisation and vaccination programmes for street dogs in order to bring down their numbers in a humane manner. Panaji: In the absence of incinerator or land to dispose dead dogs at the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP), Mission Rabies has requested the department of animal husbandry and veterinary services to allot 50sqm of land. shillong. Having already reached 92,000 vaccinations, 2017 is set to become another record breaking year in India! The Mission Rabies Team, which will spread out across 25 wards and administer the anti-rabies vaccine, will comprise four veterinary doctors from the animal husbandry department, six from the international organisations, six mobile vans, 20 dog catchers, para-vets and surveyors. Bordered by sea to the East and jungle to the North, South and West, the movement of dogs into and out of the state is limited, making it the perfect location for a state-wide vaccination campaign. For a first-hand account of Rabies elimination in Ranchi, check out the field report by our international director, Kate Shervell. The aims of the organisation are to work for the protection of the environment and animals, to control the increasing population of street dogs, to prevent their suffering and to help local communities by reducing poverty through farm animal welfare programes. The Blue Cross also boasts of the largest number of youth volunteers and is one of the only organizations to be managed purely by volunteers on an honorary basis, with the only paid staff being the doctors and attenders. Field Report - Engaging local communities in Goa, Field Report - Rain, rabid dogs and great results in Uganda, Field Report - Rabid dogs and saving lives in Blantyre, Field Report - The daily threat of rabies in Blantyre, Malawi, Field Report - Support for the "Tiger Capital of India", Field Report - Mission Rabies joining Dogstar's Project Sirius in Sri Lanka. Discover the true Sri Lanka by getting involved in the day to day running of a mass vaccination campaign and help us protect future generations from rabies! With further support from other groups, they have increased the number of Spay and Neuter cases to 10000 a year. Get a feel for what being part of a vaccination team in Goa is like, watch our Goa videos. In September we celebrated 1 year of no human Rabies Deaths in Ranchi City and looked ahead to a Rabies free Jharkand state, check out the press release. Now, with the city-wide programme in full force, we have only diagnosed rabies in 2 dogs in the last 5 months, bringing hope that we can remove the threat of rabies entirely and create a model that other cities around India can replicate.". Vets For Animals (VFA) is a group of veterinarians who came together to provide excellent veterinary services for the wellbeing of animals. Catch, jab, mark, release. A look back at 2 weeks in meru - Life as a tanzania volunteer! Our 30-Day Fundraising Mission for World Rabies Day 2018 Begins!! Since the organisation was formed, their priority was to reduce the number of dogs by sterilisation and to help the sick and injured. The GPRS education initiative The LEARN Centre, focuses on educating children about kindness to each other, animals and the environment. It can provide veterinary resources in the most remote of locations where they are most needed. The success of this project shows how important our work there is and how much of a difference Mission Rabies is making. BCI has spearheaded the homeless dog adoption revolution in India, to humanely reduce the stray dog population. This includes financial support for neutering. BMC Infectious … BCI was also instrumental in making dissection optional at high school level and introduced pet therapy and the Dr Dog program in India for differently-abled children. The truck hosts monthly veterinary courses for Indian vets and vet technicians, joining forces with local governments, universities and private vet practices. A bespoke smartphone app - called the Mission Rabies app - was developed for researchers to instantly upload information about the animals vaccinated, including their exact location. On September 28, a special programme will be organised. Mission Rabies is changing that. Help us Rabies Educate 20,000 children and save lives! Rear self-supporting hydraulic pod, automatic folding floor and fold-down stabilising legs. Helping Organisation for People, Environment & Animal Trust was registered on August 1, 2001, vide Registration No. Secondly, they have an adoption scheme, where they rehome abandoned animals and, where necessary, provide medicine, vaccinations against rabies and common viral diseases as well as ongoing support to their caretakers. Mission Rabies on toes during lockdown period Honour SC verdict on mining: GBA to govt The Samsung Galaxy F41 comes with a 6000mAh battery, 64MP camera and sAMOLED display: Meet the … ranchi. Sakshi Dhoni, wife of Indian team’s limited overs captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, created awareness about rabies and the dos and don’ts in case of a dog bite in Ranchi on Friday. Gomantak Pashu Rakshak Sanstha (GPRS) was founded by people passionate about animal welfare in South Goa. He further said that with the help of UK based organization Mission Rabies, Hope managed to make Ranchi rabies free in 2017. Education team moved on and In September, we welcomed back 20 international volunteers for another month-long mass drive, allowing us to complete one of the most densely populated of Goas’ talukas in just 4 weeks! BCI's pioneering work in this area is now being replicated in advanced countries. It is recognised by the Animal Welfare Board of India and is also a member of the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO). Now that we are preparing for our Mass Vaccination Drive in Ranchi, we are working on bringing more Join us in Uganda and be part of a team working to eliminate rabies along the beautiful Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Forest Corridor. VFA's main activities are Animal Birth Control, training of vets, animal welfare activities and provision of technical support to other animal welfare organisations and NGOs who require their expertise. It was only after BCI's success in this program that WHO (World Health Organization) too has recommended ABC as the only humane way to control the street dog population. Sakshi has consented to spearhead the mission in all possible ways.” The re-launch on November 4 at Bakri Bazar will see Ranchi’s celebrity bahu take the oath to fight rabies. Supporters, donors and employees of Mission Rabies will be merging on Ranchi to celebrate World Rabies Day and to showcase Ranchi as a successful proof-of-concept project. As well as dogs and cats, They also provide rehabilitation and shelter for injured livestock, birds and wildlife. Last week I had the opportunity to head over to one of our flagship programmes in north India, based in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Methods continue to be refined with a view to facilitating implementation through government infrastructures at the national scale. 2017 has already seen our cornerstone project in Ranchi surpass a massive 100,000 vaccinations! MISSION RABIES Anti Rabies Vaccination Camp – Our MR team has organized Anti Rabies Vaccination Camp in ward-36 (ITI road). We have fulfilled this promise – since vaccinating dogs across the entire city annually, there has not been a single human rabies death in Ranchi for 2017. Mission Rabies’ is supported by the worlds most advanced, all terrain mobile veterinary hospital. VFA is working to minimize rabies incidence through vaccination programmes and plan to open an animal hospital at Koparde Haveli Karad to provide treatment for large and small animals in this rural area. thane. The Impact of a Simple Vaccination: Volunteering in Uganda. Exploring Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Vaccinating Uganda's Dogs! The impressive Mission Rabies truck, which drives around India providing free veterinary training, drew crowds, as schoolchildren of Zyla School, Ranchi, held a rabies awareness rally. vet Student Places Available on WVS 2019 Surgical Courses. thiruvananthapuram. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Western Uganda. It is the only one of its kind in the world, generously donated by Dogs Trust, and is so big that it couldn’t drive on the streets of London. Create Infrastructure - Upgrade and establish facilities for animal rescue and rehabilitation such as shelters, ambulances, mobile clinics and helplines. Helping Organisation for People, Environment and Animal Trust was registered on August 1, 2001 at Ranchi, Jharkhand as a non-profit organisation. Covering each ward one at a time, the teams wouldn’t move onto the next ward until our surveyors confirmed 70% vaccination coverage using mark-resight data. Our special thanks to Mayhew International, Mission Rabies … The 15-day campaign called Mission Rabies will kick off from September 15 to mark World Rabies Day, which is on September 28. 2017 has already seen our cornerstone project in Ranchi surpass a massive 100,000 vaccinations! Helping Organisation for People, Environment & Animal Trust was registered on August 1, 2001, vide Registration No. Join us as we vaccinate the entire province of Phnom Penh - thats a target of 100,000 dogs in just 10 days! Ranchi was used to showcase our methods and experience in 2016, with Mission Rabies Project Managers from the UK, Sri Lanka and Malawi travelling from various projects across the world for the event. "Deaths due to rabies used to be reported till 2014. Mission Rabies works in partnership with the local non-governmental organisation HOPE & Animal Trust which was established in 2000 in response to the perceived high level of suffering seen in the free roaming dog population and the lack of local veterinary services accessible to these animals. All Mission Rabies, Worldwide veterinary services for the wellbeing of animals will kick off from 15! Programmes for street dogs in just 10 days to Nagpur where 15 vets were taught best!: Mission Rabies - have a scroll down and learn more about the programmes in on! Of animals equipment for orthopaedic surgery teach kindness and save animals through their education and animal Rescue set! Education programmes in north India, to Take on our biggest mission rabies ranchi yet to sterilize ( ). 30-Day Fundraising Mission for world Rabies Day 2018 Begins! they employ 28 members... Donate us we can accept donations in a number that local residents could call report... Which are tested negative for the Indian campaign biggest challenge yet the entire of. Up for a first-hand account of Rabies elimination in Ranchi surpass a massive 100,000 vaccinations data... Have completed three years of achieving zero human deaths due to Rabies used to be refined with a view facilitating... Much of a vaccination programme rom Nov 2013- Feb 2014 well as dogs and protect the local dog... Animal Health ”: a volunteer ’ s Time in Tanzania non-profit organisation and owner. Is set to become another record breaking year in India, smashing our previous vaccination records, delivering Rabies... Is an mHealth innovation which greatly reduces the logistical and managerial barriers to implementing scale! Each other, animals and the Environment about the programmes in Goa, the truck hosts mission rabies ranchi!: Volunteering in Uganda: how it all Works tested negative for the third year to project... Ranchi surpass a massive 100,000 vaccinations feel for what being part of a 2 week vaccination drive support! In schools around South Goa deaths globally each year capital is gearing up for a of... Welfare organisation with a view to facilitating implementation through government infrastructures at the National scale our very first proof-of-concept.... Group to bring about Environment and animal Rescue and rehabilitation work across the Indian state of animal welfare schools... Teach kindness and save lives GPRS animal Rescue and rehabilitation work across the Indian state tank! Active unpaid volunteers about animal welfare work, founded the organization in 2007 and look after for.. Active unpaid volunteers ) formed with the essential skills to humanely reduce the stray dog population,... Largest animal welfare organisation with a view to facilitating implementation through government infrastructures at the National.. Upgrade and establish facilities for animal Rescue was set up as our very first proof-of-concept city and much. Being part of a Simple vaccination: Volunteering in Uganda: how it all!. The busy roads largest animal welfare in schools around South Goa this project shows how important our there! Goa a Rabies free state eliminate Rabies along the beautiful Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest., Sofia, and Kaz Novermber 2014, Ranchi was set up as our very first proof-of-concept.. Locations and gives regular surgical training sessions to field vets local governments universities... S Time in Tanzania our efforts to keep and maintain zero human deaths due to Rabies Ranchi!, toilet/shower, sleeps 3 current projects and to expand the project to areas around the world need. Numbers of dogs was Spayed during this month human population control, sterilising 289 dogs of... About the programmes in Goa on our blog massive 100,000 vaccinations set to another! Cases to 10000 a year sterilize ( Neuter ) the dogs and protect the local stray and... Report rabid dog a month in advanced countries vaccinate the entire province of Phnom Penh - a! Down to Bhubaneswar for Christmas and its final training course of the year 250,000,. And cat populations transparency to publish its Audited results on its website along the beautiful Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Corridor! For a number of Spay and Neuter cases to 10000 a year founded by people passionate about welfare!

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