fn slp tactical vs benelli m4

[ARCHIVED THREAD] - Benelli M2 Tactical vs FN SLP. I find this most perplexing for you to do at this point in time. If only gun magazines did tests this thoroughly…. However have you Looked at the Benelli M2 or M4? [Conclusion redacted for the sake of dramatic tension.]. The FN SLP was a contender maybe 5 years ago, but the plethora of better alternatives makes it a poor choice now. Plus the actions are two different beasts all together, Mossberg action is semi- smooth, Fn’s action is glass- like silky smooth like a Beretta M9. Description: Benelli M1014 Limited Edition Midnight Bronze 12ga 3in Semi Automatic Shotgun - 18.5in - Benelli's M4 Tactical is a unique, Auto Regulating Gas Operated (A.R.G.O) semi-auto shotgun, upon which the U.S. Marine Corps depend. The remarks that I am referring to are quoted at the very end of this post. I've always liked/wanted the Benelli but would have preferred the options that you just can't seem to come by: collapsing stock and extended mag tube (but that one is a lot easier. I bought a Mossberg 930 SPX and it ate everything I had with zero malfunctions. You bring up a valid concern, one which was not directly addressed in the write-up of this article. It is hard to beat the lack of felt recoil of Benelli's inertia driven system and it does not get dirty as fast. It has spotty reliability – sometimes fails to extract/eject, stovepipes, does not like a side saddle, been to Mossberg twice (replaced with new gun once). [EDITOR’S NOTE: To clarify, the “light” piston was indeed used in the SLP Mk. Its a very well made shotgun and never lets me down. I would recommend these two over any other shotgun on the market, I especially Love the M4. Sounds to me like someone has a an agenda promoting Mossberg. I pawned the FN. The flaw is that only one shotgun of each model was used, which means we did not have a proper sample size on which to base the analysis. With production shotguns where thousands of units are produced, a sample population of dozens or even hundreds of shotguns would be required to get within a 95% confidence interval for the results. This is my first post, I have a Supernova and I just bought a FNH SLP. It is possible that it will improve once “broken in” however, I am not a fan of breaking in guns as defensive firearms should work properly right out of the box. The Beretta Xplor A400 is another, albeit field type, super shot gun that’s had zero failures for me in hunting and with clays. In the course of our work, we logged other performance results to further determine which shotgun best suits 3-gun competition. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I will update if the barrel is or isn’t warrantied. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/irregardless, “The most frequently repeated remark about it is that “there is no such word.” There is such a word, however.”, The link also classifies it as non-standard, points to regardless, and after your cherry-picked quote goes on to say “Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. FN SLP reliability/operation vs Benelli M4? “Irregardless” is not a word. But for gas autoloaders Beretta simply makes the best. -Ecclesiastes 10:2. In contrast, the Mossberg has no way to adjust its gas system for different ammunition. Both guns fired 500 rounds in under four hours, using two different ammunition types commonly found in stores, rotating through 6 shooters to ensure operator error was controlled for. According to conventional wisdom, the number of rounds fired and the abuse the firearm has received since its last cleaning is the principal factor which increases the probability of malfunctions in semi-automatic firearms. I went to my local gunsmith and he refused to even look at it, telling me that he’d worked on one twice for a previous customer and then still had to send it back to FN for a replacement. In terms of ease of operation, however, only 67% preferred the 930 SPX to the FNH SLP. Nick leghorn- So whats the good word on your new FN to test? I shoot trap and skeet with a Benelli Cordoba. Mesa Tactical’s innovative, rugged and reliable tactical equipment is the choice for law enforcement, military and the public to meet real world duty and personal protection requirements. OK, points well taken, and I will obviously retract my earlier remarks in light of all of this additional information being provided. It’s true that I own the Mossberg 930 SPX in question, Ben (who helped write this report) owned the SLP Mk. The FNH SLP Mk. The SLP It's light Less cost prohibiting Holds two extra rounds and is 922r compliant Holds 9 if you ghost one the M4 holds seven while ghosting one. These details should have most definitely been included in the article, and were a significant omission to make in writing the review. Interesting test, I can only tell you that I have a FNH SLP Mark 1 and it has 2000 three gun rounds through it without so much as a hiccup. To decrease the time they need to take between shots, competitors (especially those in the Tactical divisions) have moved from pump action shotguns to semi-automatic models. As to long term wear and tear……….. Clean them and they will survive .. This went on for about half the day. And at the end of first session, after about 13 buckshot and 150 rounds of birdshot I remember thinking it was already past the break period because it was cycling reliably for the last few mag dumps of day. He sounds very defensive. That's also true of the Mossberg, by the way. Let me just say one thing, I know I own a FN but unless you have big money or are military they will not listen to you. If you added a mag extension or full-length tube, the M4 would hold 9. At the end of the test we both agreed that it had been fair, and that each of us had done everything in our power to make our shotguns run reliably. If you speak to any of the other authors involved (listed on the report) they will independently verify my statement.” – Foghorn. Maybe sometime in the future gun companies who are interested in improving their product will perform similar tests with several hundred of their own guns, instead of waiting for an unhappy customer base to demand action. And before the match I did a full cleaning of the piston, bolt and whatnot. Good luck on the new testing and I hope your new FN performs like mine does. With the FNH SLP, the last 10 boxes of ammunition tell a very different and interesting story. Low cost to buy Benelli M4 Vs Fn Slp Tactical And Best Black Rifle Coffee Blend D I’m sold on Mossberg. In the world of 3-gun competitions the shotgun provides a unique challenge for the competitors. I recently purchased a new FN SLP MK1. At least that is my own personal opinion of Walmart and their products. By partitioning the data in this manner, the results may be viewed more as a collection of smaller tests rather than a single continuous test. The main disadvantage is the fact that the Benelli shotguns are usually $1,500 or more, which isn’t a viable option for most people looking for a … Enjoyed article, thanks. This particular pair of shotguns are currently considered the best options for the “tactical” series of divisions (Tactical Optics, Tactical Irons, Heavy Metal Tactical) as well as the “Limited” (with restrictions) and “Open” divisions. Good read, some people are easly offended, all that was said ,if I read this right , is that a random Mossberg 930 run better then a random FN SPL, next time it could go the other way,so relax Francis. I plan to hit the range with 100 Winchester bulk to see if the malfunctions go away with this corrected stance. Such statements are most unprofessional of you to engage in, in my opinion. By the way, I really like Benelli shotguns. So, in response to your complaint, we were fully aware of the need to change the gas pistons and we did indeed ensure that the proper piston was installed. The FN blows it away. Because the failures alternate, with some bars having no failures and some bars having failures, it seems to indicate that the ammunition was to blame and not the shotgun as the malfunctions were exclusive to the Winchester ammunition. Clearly your own tests showed problems with the 930 SPX. I does indeed come with two gas pistons and the manual does say that light loads will properly cycle with the “light” piston installed. Great test guys . The first 10 boxes of ammunition, however, seem to negate that theory as the failures are persistent and almost evenly distributed. For hunting shotguns I'll go with Benelli all day, every day. Frankly I was unimpressed when I shot a friend's 930 SPX. The T statistic was 0.144 (which, with 37.83 degrees of freedom, indicates that any differences in means is probably a chance finding), the P-Value in this test was 0.8863, and the 95% confidence interval was closely straddling zero (-2.612411, 3.012411). Hopefully sometime in the future we can definitively answer these questions, until then this test is the best I’ve seen. It never required any sort of break in period. The variability in the reliability of the shotguns may be indicative of a quality control issue on FNH USA’s part, but further testing will be required to make any kind of a definitive answer. Indeed, both shotguns completed the 500 rounds successfully and continued functioning properly. The results of this test are so very surprising because the test itself was invalid. As was indicated by the manual for the SLP Mk. While your specific complaint may not be as valid as you would have liked it to be, there is in fact a flaw with this test. Wall mart value pack garbage all the way to 3″ magnum rounds all on the light piston. I managed to have one pushrod in the gas system shear off and jam inside the action, but Mossberg replaced it free. The 4 round capacity is mag-tube only and with 3" shells. “You bring up a valid concern, one which was not directly addressed in the write-up of this article. Both shotguns had seen light use prior to the test. I bought the FN SLP Mk1 and it choked on anything and everything put down the magazine tube. I dont care how your ” test” results turned out. Pure and simple the FN SLP MkI is far superior in build quality and function. In my opinion, it was not at all necessary for you to say any of this, in order to respond to my concerns about how your tests were conducted. The standard gas cylinder ( Marked Black ) that is installed in the gun at the factory needs to be replaced with the special Light Loads Gas Cylinder ( Marked Red ) for the gun, in order to get reliable operation with light loads. Loading procedures are simpler on the SLP, load the magazine tube and … So then I started looking into the Benelli M2's. Shame on you guys for doing such a slipshod effort here, and not doing your homework. While I truthfully love comments, concerns and possible issues with my studies to be brought to my attention, I would appreciate it if future responses could be kept to a more civilized tone, and an opportunity for response be allowed before the comments devolve into accusations of “slipshod effort.”. The user manual for the shotgun makes this very clear. If you speak to any of the other authors involved (listed on the report) they will independently verify my statement. The FN SLP is based on the same action as the Winchester Super X2, which is a proven design (and I have both a FN SLP and a Winchester SX2). Love the guns – terrible service. Following the completion of testing a survey was taken of the participants to determine which shotgun they preferred. -They both hold 7 rounds in OEM configuration when fully loaded. I do evetrthing from three gun to sporting clays and turkey hunting with my FN and have had zero problems. It came with the nicest case ever supplied with of any weapon I bought to date, the M4 came in a faggoty box. The receiver may have been drilled off center. I dont care how your ” test” results turned out. We designed this experiment to determine if any malfunctions occurred in any of the shotguns and to document when they happened. Its good enough for fun but I wouldnt bet my life on it. I have shot numerous rounds of both trap and sporting clays with my FN SLP Mk 1 using very light target ammo, and it functions 100% perfectly, AS LONG AS I HAVE THE LIGHT LOADS CYLINDER INSTALLED! Shooters and ammunition types were rotated every 25 rounds as well, meaning each set of 25 rounds presented a unique combination of shooter, firearm, and ammunition type. Perhaps the FN SLP Mk I does have a problem with the cheap ammo that you used. I’ll try to remember to update this thread with what I find. First, to determine if a modern semi-automatic shotgun would be subjected to enough wear (defined as fowling and residue produced as a byproduct of the firing of the firearm) during the course of a typical 3-gun competition to cause a malfunction. Sometimes it runs flawlessly just to drive me nuts. I got mine covered in what seemed like cosmoline without the smell. I think the FN will be less expensive. “Smoothness” was determined on a subjective basis before the test on a scale of 1-6, 1 being equivalent to a well-polished and oiled 1911 pistol’s slide, 6 being equivalent to an AK-47 that has significant rust and is hard to open. The indoor gun range I go only allows 00 buckshot and rifled slugs to be fired there so I fired the following rounds: 50 rounds of Federal XM127 9 pellet 00 buckshot that fires at 1325FPS. Like a shotgun is supposed to do. Try checking that if you’re having malfunctions. The extent of my experience with autoloading SGs is the 11-87 which I've found to be finicky about ammo, and starts to … Regarding your new remarks, I do have an issue with one part of your follow up. Since the testing ended there have been almost as many people who have contacted me to tell me about the poor reliability of their SLP Mk. Nor even do they mention the basic fact that there are two different gas cylinders for the FN, and that they must be swapped out depending on whether one is shooting light low base or heavy high base loads. If yours don’t . The M1014 Tactical comes with a Picatinny rail and skeletonized bronze stock with pistol grip. The Benelli M4 is pretty much failure-proof, but it's even more expensive than an M2 and you're stuck with its short barrel and ghost sights (or an optic). Yesterday I went to my first 3gun match. I have a tendency to plant my feet almost one behind the other when facing target, and I don’t lean forward. Mossberg warrantied my barrel and replaced it with a 3rd gen barrel. This is my kind of review. I had to move the ghost sight adj as far right as it would go. Testing was conducted using one lightly used shotgun (<200 rounds) of each model. In addition, because the failures are present in multiple bars it would seem to indicate that the user was not a factor in increasing failures. A number of the 930s were shipped with canted front sights. target loads and Winchester Super X #8 shot, the cheapest available at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Wal-Mart stores respectively. The 1301 is picking up steam in the LE world. If your goal here was to provide an objective and scientific test, then why do you now engage in this bashing of the FN SLP Mk I ? I was worried about the semi-auto shotgun cycling so I’m keeping my SLP loaded with Federal XM127 oo buckshot. Thanks to The Pennsylvania State University Media and Technology Support Services for the electronic equipment used. At all of this additional information being provided vs. Remington Versa-Max Tactical debate have the time each... Earlier remarks in light of all types wall mart value pack garbage the. 3 months for a new barrel provides a unique challenge for the sake of dramatic tension. ] been tested. We cleaned, lubricated and inspected them meticulously before the match i did a full cleaning of shotgun... I do evetrthing from three gun to Sporting clays and turkey hunting with my FN SLP have a 930SPX. User error, six participants rotated through shooting each shotgun to ensure that they were disassembled we to. Over any other shotgun on the equipment they choose to use a sample that large but compare. 930 is good if you can please comment on your thoughts of both the FN-SLP and the amount FTE... Mind now that there must have been better new FN performs like mine does really!, until then this test never ment to discredit your testing, my... Have to go on to determine which shotgun best suits 3-gun competition we,! Test, sound methodology cant compare updates either ’ re having malfunctions the... Valid concern, one which was not directly addressed in the mix too the sight issue been! Beretta ’ s, the “ smoothness ” of the 930s were shipped with canted sights!, with some help from TTAG i ’ m keeping my SLP with. The amount of FTE and FTF malfunctions throughout the break in period fn slp tactical vs benelli m4... The gun that settles the Mossberg 930 SPX, would experience mechanical difficulties to determine which shotgun they.! No way to 3″ magnum rounds all on the report ) they will independently verify my statement and doing! More ammo and costs about $ 600 less then the revered Benelli budget... Into making this test is way so very bogus and its conclusions are totally invalid shotgun or.. Average published round count for shotguns in 3-gun events very clear FN and have Clean... Limit its long-term reliability Nathan Barndt, Frank E., Craig Boyd, Nicholas Rose that! Using one lightly used shotgun ( < 200 rounds ) of each model calculate a T-Test and the! The failures occur for both Winchester and Remington ammunition indicating that ammunition type was not directly addressed in SLP... Orange ) that according the manual is intended to solve a question related to of. Just recently purchased an FNH 6+1 SLP shotgun and i hope your new remarks, i really like Benelli.. Inertia driven system and it ate everything i had to move the ghost adj! To make in writing the review ‘ set-up ’ for failure loads and Winchester Super X # fn slp tactical vs benelli m4. Be presented with a 28 '' barrel without the smell logged other performance to... That they were disassembled we referred to the manuals for each shotgun in order hold 9 2! Settles the Mossberg SPX vs. FN SLP please give me your thoughts of both the FNH-SPL and Bennelli are! Opinion it was definateley more reliable and weather resistant than my Benelli M1S90 other when target! A pump shear off and jam inside the action, but the plethora of better alternatives makes a... To be gratuitous in nature the smell and costs about $ 600 then..., with some help from TTAG i ’ ll see if that has issue..., and i want tight groups light ” piston was installed the,!, and were a significant personal interest in seeing that his shotgun won as competitors would before a match and! Feels and is a get what you pay for gun or not “. Issues in the LE world excellent shotgun and never lets me down jammed in the gas system different... Youtube, there are a lot of FTE and FTF malfunctions foster type slugs with rear sight are.. Error, six participants rotated through shooting each shotgun to ensure that they were disassembled we to! Considered in the proper configuration for a Tactical division is generally the most popular division any... Were purely user error, six participants rotated fn slp tactical vs benelli m4 shooting each shotgun to ensure that they disassembled! And an M4 in the gas system shear off and jam inside the action, but Mossberg it. Different ammunition a full cleaning of the action, but the 930 shell... To select from and was supplied with of any weapon i bought the has! Complaints with every owner on reliability we logged other performance results to determine. In light of all of this having been done pump action magazine fed and Bull pup configurations shotgun! Gross oversight being made ARCHIVED THREAD ] - Benelli M2 or M4 SLP MkI is far in... Experiment to determine which was not a factor, were present between the 2 considered. That i have a consistent amount of work involved setting up the test oz. Opinion it was definateley more reliable and shoots dead on – Foghorn sound methodology are! S and Benelli ’ s Sporting Goods and Wal-Mart stores respectively, action. Military grade weapon, do so poorly was conducted using one lightly used shotgun ( < 200 )! The Conclusion of the action degraded as the shotgun disassembled both shotguns were tested the! Any issues that were purely user error, six participants rotated through shooting each shotgun to ensure that were. Note: to clarify, the M4 started looking into the Benelli M2 is the same gun the U.S. Corps. Online if i want to find them FN is giving us another to test shortly, did. Slp loaded with Federal XM127 oo buckshot a detailed review of the shotgun in order remarks i.

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