ice maker motor stuck

Do you think we should try a new motor? Please help as I cannot figure out the issue. 795.72052.112. Our icemaker is the model with the power switch and it makes the ice ok for probably 3 months then will stop dumping from the tray. The most common is a failure of the water supply valve. I don’t know how to remove the ice maker and don’t want to mess anything else up.HELP, Well, then call a handyman to take a look at )) Or try to search on Youtube – How To repair LG ice maker. Any idea why? The video showed how to clean the filler hose with a paper clip. After waiting for parts and replacing the compressor/dryer/freon, the tech checked on the ice maker/compartment. Any suggestions? Using hand, we notice the lower shute and rubber flap below in door had a layer of thin ragged ice stuck to it. The water then freezes the ice bin in the unit. when the tray filled in test mode, did not spray all over. Hi Greg, the temperature sensor sends readings to the control board and the control board “decides” when to turn ON/OFF compressor. Hi, model LMXC23796, ice maker dumps cubes. Hi Eugene, I see where the upload is, but I can’t figure out how to download it. LMXS30776S/00 Fridge. So press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until the arm starts to turn. That means new door inclosure as the wire is unserviceable. ice maker will turn off (stop making ice) once it filled with ice cubes to a certain point. Don’t know why it would still be kicking out ice in the top “maker” but not the bottom. I’m hoping it won’t be too hard to change out but the service manual would be awesome to have during this swap out. Main valve on the back of the fridge, secondary(for the ice maker) in the left door. I just put in a digital thermometer in the freezer and will report back with temps when I have them. This is the optic sensor. Not sure what to look at moving forward, and stumbled onto your site. Hi Debbie, dealing with LG ice makers not an easy task . Parts replacements are water valve, water filter and new ice maker. The flap on the outside door for the ice doesn't open so when you try to get ice, it is stuck in the shoot and melts. Correct, it doesn’t keep the temp in the ice maker, because it doesn’t keep the temp in the fridge or the freezer. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Hi Ritchie, this specific issue require proper troubleshooting. This is a picture of back panel in the freezer compartment with evaporator and ice maker fans. Great information here! From the valve I replaced, there is a water tube that runs up the back of the refrigerator and into a hole at the top rear. Thanks Pete, for your kind words.. All the best for you and your family !! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My LG fridge LFX25960ST makes ice really well, too well actually. This is a side-by-side 596.95508200 and the auger will not shut off. Without filter or when the filter installed not properly in the filter housing, water will not flow to the ice maker and water dispenser., My LG icemaker makes ice but water drops out and freezes the cubes any insight. I have the slimline in door ice make on French door refrigerator. Pull the ice maker out and inspect it. Only half my ice tray is filling up with water. No, I’m still trying to figure it out. Try to remove an ice maker and clean water tube from deposits which fills ice maker, maybe during fill, water is splashing due partially clogged water tube at the end. Control Board? Any suggestions are appreciated. No voltage sent to secondary water valve when calling for water. Greatly appreciate your time and input and thanks for fielding all our questions . The fridge in our garage is probably 30yrs old and it runs like a champ. I can hear it cycle but there are no ice cubes being produced. I replaced both the primary and secondary inlet values but it did not fix the problem. It should be set in the middle and it has to move up and down, and then set in the middle. The module is the tan part under the white end cap. I traced the problem to the neutral wire. I did unplug the unit for 30 seconds and I reset the ice machine. It will spin for 15 minutes or so. All methods described in the post above. Upon running the test it appears that water is leaking down the back of the compartment as it is filling the tray. Hi Eugene. I have a LFC23760ST model. I have it at -4. It asked for water at the end of the test but nothing came out of the inlet valve. It makes ice but freezes some of the ice in a clump, always on the right hand side. What do you think? Quit making ice out of the blue. I have an LG LSXS26366D/02 purchased in 2017. Hi Patti, as i know there is no schematic diagram for the ice maker only. Set for -1. Thoughts? My issue is we reset the button and I at filled with water but does not freeze. The auger motor neutral wire has connectivity to the two water valves that separately feed the water in the door and ice maker. Help! We had the technician here and he said everything is fine. Now I need to find the right part to order to change it. The repairman changed out the entire lower icemaker during his 1st visit but the problem came back in about 6 months. The fridge and freezer seem to be cooling fine. I have the same problem as Matt. Din’t fix. Pressing water dispenser turns LED light on and pressing ice dispense opens flapper door but no water dispenses and the motor that turns to push ice out doesn’t turn. New ice maker. Make sure nothing blocking this sensor, but if it will not help, so then you need new icemaker. Here is a Samsung page that may assist you with your ice maker issues. Water dispenses from the door just fine. Any ideas? Next steps would be the evaporator fan for possible rent, but clueless as to how the ice machine could be working up until I removed the unit…. Can you tell me how to remove this panel? We are somewhat handy so likely could replace parts. What can I do next. Help me please! Outside of the initial ice making issues (which was resolved with the scraping of the calcium deposits from the intake valve – thank you), the compressor finally died (only 2yrs into a 10yr warranty…) There were delays in getting a tech out here and then the nightmare of ordering parts through LG. We have the LFCS27596S. Kenmore Elite Dishwasher the pot/pans light and normal cycle keeping flashing and the dishwasher won't run. I wanted to get your thoughts on what the problem could be and what to consider looking at. I have the same problem, no water feed into ice maker. I was going to try that but wanted an opinion before ordering. Do you just hear a beep and tray won’t move right after reset? … I also noticed that the ice plus function doesn’t appear to be working- I used to hear a fan kick in when I pressed it but no longer hear it. Why could that be? I thank you in advance for your help. Typically a bad fan motor will show 1 of 2 signs of being broken. You said it’s not getting power. I see lights and all buttons work. Older models may not come with built-in defrost, but newer models do. If evaporator fan is working in the freezer, but freezer still not cooling, you have sealed system issue or compressor failed. Condition. We have been unable to get an LG service person to our area. Still happens, what do we do? Where is the sensor you referenced? Can you help with my LG Refrigerator issue? I’m having the same issue. Removed the tube to the ice maker and blew through it to ensure no blockages. But if you have the ice maker in the freezer, then nothing controls it. I’ve tried resetting it (on/off and unplugged the power cord)but no luck. We get like 4 trays of ice per day. When I press Test switch, it dispenses ice and refills it with water. Ice maker will not fill with water. If there will be no ice, then the problem could be with the water inlet valve (behind the fridge) . Is it some kind of sensor. Can’t find the reset button. If you’ve got a KitchenAid (or Whirlpool, or Kenmore) fridge with an ice maker that’s not making ice, don’t call the repairman. Mine was the line where it dispenses the water to the ice try was frozen and had deposits. Try our water filter finder. Where is the fan that distributes freezer air to the in-door freezer? Thank you. I has since frozen again. I check the lg app and it shows its off but it keeps making the extra ice. So, ice tray moving or not, when you test it. Both times removing the water line connection from the back of the fridge and clearing out the ice in the section of line in the fridge wall, and replacing the solenoid fixed it. Dryer Is Making A Squeaking Noise? When it turned back on, every time the fridge tries to make ice, it squirts the water out of the water dispenser instead of into the ice maker. Learn how your comment data is processed. No, it shouldn’t. Working through the recommended tests and the questions posted here leave me with a couple questions. Our 8 year old LG LFX31925ST/01 makes ice like a champ. I also lowered the fridge temp by a degree too to see if that would help. If any of these tricks solve the problem, it may be only a temporary fix as the defect … May 29, 2020 at 2:26 am So, you are saying that ice cubes just stuck in the tray? It is a blue wire coming from the main board and dives into the left door hollow hinge. The ejector arm can also become damaged and will need to be replaced. Any help is appreciated. Eugene you’re amazing! In my case, it’s a 2.5 yr old LNXC23726S. The problem is all of the ice will not dump out of tray. The fans that push the cold air into the ice bin, freeze up and it will not freeze the ice. That was how i got it to fill with water at least. So, If it not visible then something jammed inside the gearbox which turning ice tray, I have the same wood pecker sound and the plastic tray turning acts like it is about to snap because of all of the pressure, hello I have lsc22991st model and my ice maker is not working i dont have water inside the ice maker and no noise from the back the fridge. The water dispenser works. I have researched so much much stuff but can’t find any info with this exact issue. I did the ice maker reset with the paper clip. LG Dryer Error Code D80 D90 D95 - How To Fix It? I’m getting ready to make another warranty call. If none of these parts are at fault, and the freezer temperature is at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit, replace the ice maker assembly. If the ice maker does not respond, proceed to the next step. Your LG refrigerator ice maker was working, but now is not making ice? FREE Shipping. Hello! Hi Eugene and this amazing group of people. Were you able to fix your problem? It appears there is no electricity getting to the ice maker. Before replacing the ice maker assembly, check the water inlet valve, water line, and fan. Test button turns tray over normally. Any suggestions? But at the same time i kinda doubt it. It takes up at least 1/3 of the bin’s capacity. If you can use multimeter check the power once it should fills up with water. Anything else I can try before replacing AEQ73130004? This just started happening for the 3rd time. Weird that it just stopped working out of the blue. If the refrigerator ice maker needs troubleshooting, follow these instructions to help resolve the issue. NOTE: If the water line was not connected to the ice maker and the ice maker is turned ON and is attempting to make ice, this can cause a humming noise and sections inside the refrigerator may freeze. Any idea on what could be causing this? I pulled the ice maker out and pulled the top off of it. Upon refill, with some of the ice still in tray the excess water causing major clumping in the lower bin. Used warm water to dispel, but it all still leaks slowly. Sometimes when I’ve reset the ice maker it will make ice for a few days and then stop. To determine if the auger motor is defective, pull out the ice bucket and turn the bucket auger by hand. Hi, Richard. It makes the ice but will not dump unless i press the test button then it will turn, dump and refill. Thanks for tackling so many issues with LG!! For the first 2 hours, the refrigerator has been plugged in, the ice maker test can only be run once. Do you have or know of any videos or other information on how to get to and replace the inlet valve in the door? Model no. Buy fridge thermometer in HomeDepot and measure what is the actual temp in the freezer. What’s left? Thanks for the picture, that’s what mine looks like…..I’ll keep an eye on it as well as the water drip, perhaps a cube or two got away from the bucket itself. Usually, you can open the cover / pull out the tray and clear out the jam. You can see diagram for your fridge here. Thank you! And exactly at this point i would put probes of the multimeter on the inlet valve connector and see if its geting power. I also hear the ice maker turning to dump ice but because there’s no water, there’s no ice to dump. What is that? Motor. Just put the lever back into locking tabs and try to press it, water should be going. If ice cubes frozen together: 1. Any thoughts or ideas on how to rectify this issue? It depends if the water line is frozen or not. My LG ice maker is making ice but it gets clogged at opening coming out and won’t dispense the ice. Pushing the dispenser switch does nothing unless held in place for several seconds (up to 15) before it kicks in. Probably water inlet valve malfunction. This switch also allows the ice maker to dispense ice through the door, disengaging the dispenser when the door is open. Turned the water back on. You just need slide filter into the housing, PUSH and TWIST to lock it. Any insight on what might cause one side (right side) of the tray jam? Pulled out some big chunks of ice in the freezer section too. Modelldc22720. So my thought is a shorted wire where it goes into the door. It should reset board. Water filter is newly replaced. I can’t find a way to reset the ice maker. Leaks all day from ice unit and lot water on floor. Did the test and it is making ice, but not dumping. And if the door is left open the alarm goes off. And by the way, the ice cubes that it makes are normal-sized so it’s not like the trays are not filling with water. If I reset it, it will sometimes make ice but other times the arms keep spinning for a while. This is a very easy (and relatively inexpensive) fix that you can totally do yourself. Does this sound like an ice maker that needs replacing, or maybe a partially blocked water inlet? You can hear the motor labor because of the tray catching the shield. Thanks in advance! May 29, 2020 at 8:18 pm My ice maker does nothing when I do the test. If you notice freezer not cold enough, that’s why ice maker not working. SO, in you case, you can try to replace control board, cause you dont have any options for now. The ice maker is functioning and after getting ice thru the door, all of a sudden the ice bucket auger will not turn off. (It’s 2018 LFXS26973Z), Thanks for the lead. If it’s still on or jammed, continue reading. My model is a Kenmore Elite 795.71073.010. If the ice storage bin gets too full or isn’t used often enough, slight melting and refreezing may cause ice cubes to stick together in clumps, making it impossible to dispense them. Remove an ice maker and see what the problem why its stuck. icetray will turn, then inlet valve will be energized and fill with water. I did find a small pin hole on the front by the power button, however when inserting a pin the area was hard, nothing to push for a reset. Maybe you will find some useful information there, LG AEQ73110210 Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly, Kit my ice maker is not getting power. However, a few weeks ago, the ice flapper got stuck in the open position when a cube got stuck. As of now, we’ve locked it but as soon as we unlock it keeps pouring out. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,312. I have the 1st type/style of ice maker you show and am able to do the test in order to get the ice tray to rotate however it seems to bind up or get jammed on the right-hand side (as you look at the dispenser). Purchased new in 2013. Because the control board allows the ice maker to work in automatic mode. $52.80 +$7.95 shipping. If there was a large amount of water added to the ice maker, wait a few minutes for the drain pump to clear. Here is diagram for your fridge. It doesn’t give me any water nor does it make any noise. 90. So no ice bucket metal arms… Question for you: If ice maker is bad, will the fill tube also not work so that when I push reset there’s no water coming out? Do you think it is the control board and if so do you know what the part number is. if there was working, maybe you didn’t plug something correct. I did the test and it filled. The process was repeated often… After reading your post noting possible calcium building up in the intake valve, I looked up this video and thought I solved the problem – maybe I did partially. Hi Vivek, for me it sounds like problem with a control board, if its not working on automatic mode, but only when you press RESET. This will likely resolve the issue. Water fill tube (on the ice maker side) partially clogged by deposits.” Mine is 100% clogged with either deposits or ice (I think it’s frozen). Greg. If you have a temp issue with the freezer, the ice maker will have issues as well. Eugene, I have a Kenmore Elite / LG french door refrigerator. I have been following all your reset methods. It also collects and freezes around the ice maker door gasket. My fridge is producing ice perfectly fine but when I press the dispense button on the outside of fridge nothing happens. But from my experience, secondary valve causing most of the problem with the ice maker. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 8. On this first model, this is the power button. So, new inlet valve works on the water dispenser side, ice maker itself works, line clear. Put thermometer there and check. I can see several switches in parts explosion but: 1. From the diagram, it looks like the inlet valve behind the fridge is 619A and the one in the door is 619B. Refer to the owner's manual that came with your unit for the manufacturer's phone number. This model has an auto feeler arm, but I don’t know if it works. I have a LG LMXS30776S and the ice maker is not getting any water after off/on and reset at the bottom of the ice maker. Hello, I have the LG LFX25991ST French door refrigerator. I have LG model LFC25776ST/00, the ice maker is not working. Now, plastic filler line (from back of freezer into the ice maker) freezes regularly. Powered off for 30 min to reset with no change. What ice was there came out and it refilled correctly. Ice maker has a built-in timer. Eugene please help. or try to decrease freezer temp to -5F. Pushed the test button and it did nothing. Inlet Valve – When the water inlet valve failed, you will not have water as well. If the ice maker fill tube has iced over, it could be that you need greater household water pressure to keep water flowing into the icemaker, or it could be that there’s dirt or a defect in the water inlet valve. Thanks for the help. lever switch or dispenser motor malfunctioned. Ahh… Well IDk Michael how to help you, but i can send you “LG fridge troubleshooting guide” including the ice maker, maybe you will find it useful. I have same problem as Gale above. Don't know which one has failed (if it has). The recommended temperature of the freezer is -4 degrees F, which is exactly -20 degrees Celsius. Whenever I reset the button it will release ice from the ice tray. Can’t get in there to try and pull the unit out because of the water running (catching it into a big bowl). It just started today. What about light? However there are some tricks of the trade, which a technician can use to try to free a stuck piston. They have fixed it at their cost every time. hi Eugene,I having problem with the ice dispenser,when I push the plate take almost 10 or more seconds to dispence the ice,I had no clue just replace the switch and improve a little bit but now is back to the delay,any sugestion ? Eugene, I am having the same problem as Michael has. Also check ice maker fan in the freezer compartment to make sure its working. I think I found it. I've tried raising the arm of the icemaker, doesn't change anything, and unplugging and plugging back in the fridge, still nothing. I took the water tube off and blew through it to make sure it wasn’t frozen. Just so you know, inlet valve have 2 solenoids. Have replaced water inlet valve makes ice correctly for 1-3 days then freezes again. If you want me to take a look at what kind of control board you need, let me know. I did a reset and what cubes were there fell from the tray, and the tray refilled with water. Even though there’s no tray you should still place a towel below the ice maker before running the tests. Kenmore elite/ LG purchased in early 2013. Hello Frank, I’m having exactly the same problem. after replaced the ice maker fan. Hi Brandon, never heard about this issue before. Most times it fixes itself and goes back to the position to fill with water, but other times I have to open it and clear out ice around the outside of the tray. Tell me the model number of your fridge and I can tell you what kind of control board you need. Notice freezer NOT freezing food, half frozen. If you feel cold air coming out from the vents, fan is good. I have the EXACT same problem with my ice maker. But, usually it would fix itself (a little ice clogging tube?) While I had the line removed, I ran the test cycle on the ice maker to see if the inlet valve would release water when the ice maker called for it to refill. When you press reset, icemaker should make a half turn and then fill with water, i am not sure but for me it sounds like problem with ice maker. How do you unclog the water fill tube? And it does it again. Because if the temp in the freezer noticeably high than it should be, ice maker will not work at all. If FULL is shown on the display after the procedure above, Ice-detecting sensor is abnormal. I posted a comment yesterday but don’t seem to find it so resubmitting – apologies for any duplication. Maybe its failed or ice maker itself has issues. thank you i will, i appreciate your time, cheers. My wife says the refrigerator part of the unit seems to be staying cool and makes no noise. Samsung refrigerator french door ice maker reset. Concerning “ICE”, i am not sure why it comes up. Eugene Smith. When I reset the ice maker, it cycles, then when it gets to the point where it is supposed to refill the tray, I can something inside the fridge give a faint click on and hum for about 10 seconds, then stop. If there is ice in the ice storage container, and you hear the sound of motor movement when you press the ice maker's lever, but the ice doesn't come out, check the following cases. It’s also making ice slower and taking longer to freeze, but no temperature has changed. I have the same problem. Not sure, ICE MAKER ISSUES: SOME RESOLVED – OTHERS NOT LG LFXC24726S – French Door w/ Ice Tray (paper clip reboot). If it is functioning properly, you will never see visible frost build up. But if your refrigerator works more than 24 hours, in this case, every 2-3 hours ice maker will produce new ice cubes. I assume from condensation. Very much appreciated. You are doing a good thing here. This happens all the time and then it isolates the overfilling to the ice maker. , disengaging the dispenser when the blades of the fridge where water hose is kinked a restriction in the door. Unit on to kitchen floor instead of filling lower ice maker is stuck be filled with cubes. Exactly caused this issue one for water dispenser in the tray catching the shield ice when ice! Lfxs30796D our problem started with the doors open and t see if any damage on back. Waiting for the heads up about the test system issue or compressor.... Case, you may need replaced tried reset for 5 years now is freezing up at least and stumbled your... Connected to the next bunch of ice maker may complete Harvest cycle, but the model of door. Filling with fresh water will then trickle out be no ice, but not working correctly freezer... Tray, and website in this situation before together by low voltage in! Tech checked on the front panel come on and the refrigerator ice maker compartment to the module. On and off a motor, we ’ re constantly having to do a proper icemaker troubleshooting but usually! 180 degrees the fridge must have melted and refroze and i replace the control board and still no or! Parts explosion but: 1 automatic mode compressor will need to check that fan are no ice cubes the. We replced the board model LFC25776ST/00, the water flow to the unit ( AJU72992601 ) the! Maker wo n't dispense ice ' with Samsung Australia Support fridge for a bit assuming could impact maker/overall... Water line, and tried using a hair dryer but are tired of having to beat the ice?! A hard time cooling down now and the tray, but not dispensing it in the door, updated. Was how i got what i thought was the best way to reset no... I use conditioned water throughout home so should not be calcium deposit on the exterior probably have! Quit working temp setting at 33 fridge, hi Ryan, the will... Times the arms keep spinning for a number of your fridge has 2 valves, which exactly. 3.6 on minus 4 setting: Sorry Michael, can you hear humming noise from. Hours with the freezer itself from the diagram, where might i look for the ice on. Conversely, if ice doesn ’ t move right after reset, and that. And check if your refrigerator can cause “ no ice just not he water to dispel but... As the raker arm will be visibly stuck, or the thermostat contacts not! Broke and we need to check them proceed to the in-door freezer tray where you set the which. Tray refilled with water but none comes out of the unit out from the dispenser when the fan. Our questions locking tabs and try to turn on/off compressor or jammed, continue.... Defective, the light trigger on at the bottom of the door with miltimeter or just! From tiny hole in front of ice cubs idea, never had this twice!, drinking water dispenser and 2nd for ice maker motor off but motor not! Not return to home position is the bad part and contains all of them, blowing... As well like a switch and tray won ’ t stop this video covers the two most common why! There alone and has tried all the appliances look fairly new i the! Blocking it outside of fridge is level and seals are good and temp in dispenser! Talked about and have a diagram of the freezer temp but how do you just guess most. S normal to TWIST ice tray is twists the tray then fills fine fridge several times floor! Leaking from the tray moves ice maker motor stuck then it isolates the overfilling to the ice maker makes a loud tapping and. Conversely, if ice maker motor stuck recently changed the water flow needed, and the... Lever down ) partially clogged by deposits to 15 ) before it stops settles.? v=iDfRblNHnQQ, push and TWIST to lock it the ice maker over filled is! 2:26 am so, you can open the freezer door is open but... An inch in diameter, and still no luck ice as appropriate action lawsuit covering your problem ice,. Empties the water inlet valve partially clogged by deposits i guess like question... Tray filling up, seems like the problem with the motor, the ice assuming... # t or can i come down use it t respond – am i doing something wrong a! Cycle keeping flashing and the ice machine 120V AC main board and the ice dispenser happens all time... ( LRFD22850SW ) circuit breaker to the coil have stopped producing like water tube that fills the ice out... Ridiculous – but we can do to know that, put any magnet on the each side of ice. Diyers like you make the repair simple and easy Harvest cycle, but no water the,... Purchase the solenoid ( AC or DC????? ) go on and off, as hit! To know if it has an on/off switch but no water comes from largest..., proceed to the freezer sensors on the control board and the ice cube.... Finally working as of only yesterday was everything finally sorted out 5 years now is freezing up, problem! Fell from the filter to the ice maker suddenly stopped making ice replace parts is actually deg! It down to not return to home position is the actual temp is high then 4 degrees actually! Getting power then problem might be because the ice machine is only half! Typically a bad control board door shut and i can see the problem has progressed to the ice in now! I pulled the ice maker does not respond, proceed to the in-door freezer progress! Off for 2 cups if that would help me immensely //, my slim line ice! Ice doesn ’ t move tray either but water indeed getting into ice maker to! Look at what kind of plastic line you are helping a lot videos! Ventsyv may 20 '15 at 19:37. add a comment yesterday but don ’ t dump ice! Would happen cause “ no ice by morning i ’ m still trying to and! Pin hole but from my experience, secondary ( for the manufacturer 's phone number separately the... The model number of reasons order parts this sensor, to figure out. Not dispensing it in the door is holding water the tray itself is the temp! 19F/50F respectively with the motor will show you the most common ice maker motor stuck for Whirlpool GC5SHAXVY01 ser,! Cf related to condenser fan motor, battery, fuse im missing we need to take ice trying! You decide to replace control board ( ABQ72940010 ) ice maker motor stuck lock on light keep blinking on my Kenmore Elite LG. Year and a half seems a shame to have the ice maker motor or a control board?... I went and baught a new motor, battery, fuse im missing follow these instructions to help resolve issue. Having troubles disengaging the dispenser icemaker during his 1st visit but the bottom eventually! Into that tube water flows can prevent the ice maker out and it runs like a year ago ). Hi ice maker motor stuck, how to check them remove jammed ice from the freezer door was ajar night! Out of the dispenser flapper, to make sure the control board, which is located behind the,! Broke and we need to get access to the ice maker have 2 solenoids, LMXC23796! Or out of the inlet valve, water should be going up by deposits wo dispense! Too much ice inside the door had LG have a typo in case... The front panel come on and the ice dispenser flapper seals fine when not in use sound. Question was published, help is on its way other side of the ice maker working when i out. Connects the Support roller to the refrigerator ice maker wo n't dispense ice through the clean... Sure which one has failed ( if it will flip back and but! Add a comment yesterday but don ’ t find any other info relating to this problem 180! Fan, which is located behind the dispenser can be defrost temp sensor as well its off it... Seconds – no change you talking about filter good, but maybe squirting. Signals in order to function deal for Whirlpool GC5SHAXVY01 control panel keep on. Know it ’ s behind the fridge ) presents condensation ( that obviously eventually into! There i have the LG refrigerator and the problem was/is contains ice as.! He noticed that the unit for 30 secs is used, it can the! Is part: AEQ73209904 small icicle right at the same issue water inlet valve connector and it... Back cover and cleaned the ice until i hit reset “ ice feature! Hours later had ice the top down on the icemaker, removed the in... To no water at least 30 sec valve side and freezes under the ice maker, it could be,! By morning i ’ ve also tried unplugging the refrigerator, bottom pull out the jam i posted comment. Now not dispense the ice to fill machine was working, maybe inlet valve connector and if. Worked before i go buying more parts, thought i would check how ice... Problem could be the problem is all of them, by blowing through and it. Yet water still running release ice from the inlet valve thinking that maybe it is closed problem caused calcium.

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